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Thomas Anderson If this album had been released in 2000 it would have been a major hit. A hard rock album with layered vocals with harmonies for miles. Songs ranging from the in the your face Slip, featuring a high pitch reverb guitar lick that is simply awesome, to the hauntingly sad ballad, Always. The latter would have been a top 20 hit had the band released this during the Creed hysteria. You have to pick up this gem it is amazing that this band is not signed to a major label. Favorite track: Always.
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FOREVERTREE is back and harder than ever with the production of their newest cd "Z". Bringing a more aggressive and in your face sound, the band has maintained the commercial side of the music always maintaining the positive message.


released January 1, 2012

released Jan 1st 2012
Produced by Geoff Breen
Engineered by Ron Mellegers
Co-Produced by forevertree
Art Direction by Paul Hatfield
Dwayne Jackson Vocals
Geoff Breen Bass
Ron Mellegers Drums
Sean McGowan Guitars


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forevertree Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Awaken

Sadness I feel
Empty that is real
The void that I've created
In these times
I feel so alone
Times I haven't taken

Awaken, stir this heart
Where do I begin?
Awaken, freedom on my knees

The joy you bring
The praise they sing
I hear the voices ringing
Whisper my name
You lift all my pain
The shame and guilt are gone
Track Name: Beast

Look at me

I see them on the streets
And they look right through me
I throw them money
But I won't give my time
I see myself
In the eyes of the hopeless
I don't want to look
In the mirror of their lives

Am I a monster or a beast?
To ignore the least of these
Break my heart and please forgive me

I look away
When I see them on my big screen
I don't feel a thing When 20 thousand die
I am numb to the fact that they're starving
I'm tired of seeing orphans covered in flies
Track Name: Out there

many reasons I have doubted
Im not as strong as I seem
the weight I carry is so heavy
what I need is some sweet relief

If your out there I am listening
If your out there I am here
If your out there I am listening
speak to me I will hear....

I know your there, some times Ive wondered
if my cries are even heard
waiting and watching just to see you move
blind to the evidence that prooves

If your out there I am listening
If your out there I am here
If your out there I am listening
speak to me I will hear....

I know your out there
speak to me...
Track Name: Always
I watched you
walk away,
you left me standing here
With Dreams and hopes of fame
You ignored my tears

I promised
I would never leave you
never leave your side…

I need my freedom
I need to spread my wings
I want to run I want to fly away

You've had your seasons
I want to live my life
Now let me go let me have my way

I never promised that I would stay
Never said I wouldn't go

I will always love you

you abandoned
all my hopes
and all my dreams for you
you took My heart
as you ran
its always been with you

I promised
I would never leave you
never leave your side…

I will always love you

Let me go let me fly
I want to run
Wanna feel the wind in my hair
I've been hiding in your shadow for too long

I'll give you everything
everything i have is yours
So Go ahead and won't you take it
All I want from you
Is somthing I know you can't give

Always will I love you that will never change

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