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" Forevertree brings you a CD that is down to earth, gritty and as real as it gets. Hold on to your hats boys and girls, Forevertree is about to peel your wig back "


released September 9, 2009

Produced by Geoff Breen
Engineered by Ron Mellegers
Co-Produced by forevertree
Art Direction by Paul Hatfield
Additional guitars played by Jordan Honsinger


all rights reserved



forevertree Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Alien

I look like you but I'm not like you
I may sound like you but I don't think
That were so different but were the same
We all need to call on a higher name

Some look within, some seek without
Some pray in silence while others shout
The more we look the more we see
We will see God's face if we bend our knee

Your ways are not my ways........Alien

This is not my home I'm passing by
When He comes I know I'll fly
I'll say goodbye to this world of sin
I won't look back to where I've been

Your ways are not my ways......Alien
Track Name: Forever

I feel a blessing coming
Its like the rain when its falling
Bringing me new life so I can live
But I know the time is coming
Its at hand


You goodness your mercy
They overwhelm my past
Your hand of provision
It blesses me
Well I love you because you first loved me
I love you because you care
I love you my Lord Jesus
I Love you because your GOD

Track Name: Higher

In another time in another place
On my knees I sought your face

Get up stand up the price has been paid
There is no other way
Jesus Christ he is the way
There’s only one thing left to say

Oh is this the time
Oh is this the place
On my knees I seek his face

He’s taking me higher
My hearts on fire

You’ve hunted me
And you have captured me

Oh is this the time
Oh is this the place
In your heart of hearts
Will you seek his face
Track Name: God

It was your grace that undid me
I was lost but you found me
I hide my face and I look to you
I run the race I want to be like you

I want to fade away

All I say and all I do
Less of me and more of you
All I say all I do less of me and more

More and more and more and day by day
More like you in everyway
In my songs and in my words
the name of jesus will be heard
In his image I wanna be
like the man from Galilee
Track Name: Soul Healer

Love you for eternity/
There I saw the man he came walking in / I was dead inside I was so full of sin / You saved me from the fire / You’re my hearts desire / Know me deep within / You saved me from my sins / King of kings and lord of lords / You I will adore / You are the lord you’re the healer / I could not walk but now Im free / And I will run into eternity / I once was blind but now I see / And I will love you for eternity / Then the Lord came in he made me clean again / I am alive once more I now am Born Again
Track Name: Dust

Where can I go
What can I do
Nothing Ive done can remove me away from you
Well Ive challenged that storm
And its blowing me away
What can I do
What can I say

Within in me theres nothing good
No not one single thing
Im void of all goodness or any perfect thing
Well Ive turned my back on Jesus sometimes
But he reaches out to save me and says my child you are mine

I am the Dust
And to the dust I will return
I am the Grass
If theres just one thing Ive learned

Your light invades my soul
Exposing things so dark
This fire burns within my chest
It started with a spark
You’ve given me a life so full
You’ve met my every need
I want the whole world to see you
Even in my smallest deed.
Track Name: Monlight Shadows
Track Name: 4915
Never thought of God
in a way that mattered
till I was battered
All I heard was laughter

Smiling through my fears
choking on my tears
I'd picked up those pieces after
But the time, never came
playing the part, just like a game


He will remember you
He will remember me
He will remember everyone who's calling out to Him

Tested and temptedBeaten and arrested
Testifiying to the OneStaring down the barrel of a gun

Standing in Your glory
For all eternityStanding on Your promisesAnd living in Your word


He will remember you
He will remember me
He will remember everyone who's calling out to Him
Track Name: Home

Before you, was I am Even before your life began Always was always been Nothing is hidden all is seen

Set my eyes on a higher place Where Your light shines on my face For You found me, touched me, broke me, healed me Buried me in Your word


You know me and I thought I was alone You called me and You brought me home

You have always been All this time and all You've seen
All my actions and my dreams All my whispers and my screams

There is nothing that You can't do
There is no pain that You didn't feel
For every action every word Every thought I have was heard

You know me and I thought I was alone You called me and You brought me home

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